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T.O. McFarland
     T.O. McFarland, along with being an author, is a poet laureate bestowed upon him by The International Library of Poetry.  He has poems published in several books put out by Watermark Press, and plans a personal book of poetry in the near future. 
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ISBN 1-931456-51-8

          This is a ghost story originally made up by my brother and me to "entertain" our younger cousins. The story was never quite told the same way twice, I felt compelled to have an actual history behind it. During the 1960's, three young boys came across the grave of a Civil War veteran during their summer vacation in Maine. Their grandfather, who knew of the "legend", told them about the ghost of Three Finger Willie. Willies father was killed during the Civil War and Willie ran off to join the army to avenge his death. Meanwhile, his mother and sister were left alone and forced to move away from the their farm. Willie was severely wounded then captured for the duration of the war. After he returned home, he was confronted by his embittered sister and was killed accidently while quarreling with her. Willies sisters granddaughter explained the history to the boys and their grandfather at the end of the story..



ISBN 1-59286-944-0

         The story of "Snowe" is an updated adaptation of the old fairy tale, Snow White. I delved into the personal history of her family and found to my delight a wonderful story of her parents and grandparents, not unlike my own. Personal tragedies and triumphs of yesteryear are interestingly quite parallel to modern times. Maine, during the Forties, was very peaceful and the people were anxious to start anew after the war. While the rest of the country grew fast with new industry and economy, coastal Maine became a time capsule trying to save its land and its people. Snowes grandparents, like most young people of that era, were anxious to start out working and raising a family soon after high school.  At my own risk, I revealed some of the thoughts and decisions made by Snowes grandmother about dealing with premarital sex and abortion. The story also brings to light, how death itself is a part of life.  By observing all three generations, the reader will begin to understand the power of both birth and death.